Tuesday, August 31, 2010

...well, uh, reflexively practicing propagating my species...neuter Thursday! And Very Adoptable!

Sutherland checking in 8/30/10.  I'm a stunning cinnamon bunboy.  Pay no attention to my surfer dude bleached coat.  I was housed outdoors, you see, in the hot sun.  My former humans seemed fond of me when I was a baby. My birthdate is 4/1/10  so as you may imagine, recently my hormone levels have been going up, up, up!!!  So I've become a bit  irritable  and smelly.  When those humans would pick me up, the pressure of another warm body made me, well, uh, reflexively practice propagating my species.  The humans found this outrageous.  Had never informed themselves about spay and neuter for rabbits.  I heard them talking about what to do with me.  I was afraid they'd put that halter and leash on me and tie me to a tree someplace.  But instead, the box and duct tape came out and....here I am, squeezed into RabbitMatch.  In a few months I'll undergo my first shed and my coat will become a proper cinnamon color.  Oh, and I weigh 4.5 lbs.  I intend to stay small!!!!

The moms have me on the calendar for the vet appointment.  They tell me I'll lose the bodyparts that are tormenting me and be ready to go home with YOU!!!!!!. 

Cinnamon kisses to you!!!!   Your Sutherland.

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