Monday, August 30, 2010

rex genes with a dash of lop...too cute!

Hi!!!  HI!!!! Hi!!!!!  No, do not blame the mom with the camera for this one.  My coat IS extra special.  I have some rex genes as well as a dash of lop genes.  I have the softest petable coat and best personality.  Sadly I joined the line at the door at RabbitMatch 8/20/10 because people grab baby bunnies on impulse.  No idea what to do with me once we get home.  My coat is a glamorous brown, I have a white foot and my ears are adorably semi-lop.  I weighed 2 lbs 1 oz today and my birthdate is 5/1/10.

Please do come and join the line at the door visiting us!!!!!   The moms would like to send you a video library of information about rabbits of course!!!!!  Leaps and binkies!!!  Your Ishtar.

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