Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The 10 Commandments of Courage

[I'm in...where the heck am I? Logrono, Spain.  Testing my wings for 65 days in Europe.  Day 18.  I needed this.  I found it at at Expat Women.]

The 10 Commandments of Courage
by Margie Warrell

1. Trust Yourself

No matter what happens, you can handle it. You are capable of more than you think you are. Really!

2. Question Assumptions

Do not hang on to beliefs that no longer serve you. The only limits you have are those you place on yourself. Assumptions are the death of possibilities.

3. Do What Is Right

Be true to yourself above everything else…however inconvenient or difficult. Integrity is the only path upon which you will never get lost.

...The rest are at Expat Women.

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Luisa Bunuella is looking for a Clint Eastwood...

Hi there!!!   Bunuella checking in to RabbitMatch, 5-28-10.  Ooooohhhhhh, you say, I'm so pretty w my brown agouti coat, I should be in pictures.  We'll, I agree although...secretly...I want to direct!!!!    In a gentle kind of way.       My friends call me Luisa ...I'm speaking in code to the aficionados!!!!!   I weigh 4 lbs 8 oz so yes, I'm on the smallish side.    My large brown eyes are downright hypnotic!!!! Oh and I'm a youthful 7 months.  My birthdate is 11/1/09.

I was purchased from the breeder on impulse and dumped the same way.    Well, I'm a diamond in the dust!!!!   Is there another Clint  Eastwood out there, sans bun, who could discover me since he already has a bunbun????   With stars in my eyes and twinkles in my toes, Your Beautiful Bunuella.

I'm already spayed and litterbox trained too.  And for the right human, RM can transport me somewhere exotic, like Porkbarrel, Maine.  ; )

For us to meet fill out the application at and one of my humans will contact you very soon.

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