Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hotot fashion diva available for adoption...

I'm embarassed to show myself to the world of internets!!!!  Can you see my feet????  Filthy and orange from neglect.  Can you imagine, ignoring a little dazzler like me???   But that's what happens to bunnies stuck in a hutch out back....out of sight out of mind!!!!!   Well, now I'm safe here at RabitMatch.  It is 8/20/10  and it seems there is a line of buns awaiting entry.  The moms look frazzled BUT they keep the greens, hay, toys, hugs and pets coming!!!!  My name is Coco Chanel,  I'm a little   hotot fashion diva.  I weighed 2 lbs even today.  My birthdate is 5/1/10. 

I'll be counting the days 'til you come and visit!!!!   email the mom, please!!!!  Your sweet Coco-bun. 

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