Thursday, August 12, 2010

'mara's excellent journey

Hello all, Monday evening I started out in Lisa's kitchen.  So generous of Mr. Fluffston to loan me some of his excellent toys.  Early Tuesday morning we were all packed and I took my place in my grand star's trailer carrier.  Here I am in Mojave, taking a break to do some grooming, gotta keep the paws and nose sparkling,  and relax with a snack.  It was hot outside but as you can see I was well protected in my cocoon!!!!  
Finally my new home at The Bunny Castle in Bishop CA!!!!!!  I have a lovely home base  and more than 190 new friends!!!!   I especially like the  California giants.  They look like Toscanini just four times his size and their marks don't fade as much in the summer.  Giant fuzzy mellow fellows!!!!    I'm in love!!!!!      AND  would you believe, I am,, at 7 lbs 4 oz.   one of the more petite buns at The Bunny Castle!!!!! 

Now listen up y'all!!!!  From time to time Alinda will be asking you to buy a raffle ticket from The Bunny Castle OR click to vote for ME, Palomara ,        (  oh, well, The Bunny Castle, Bishop CA,  that is!!!)  on the Animal Rescue Site.   You should visit the  site  regularly anyway to click on the free food for shelter animals.  There is voting going  on  right now .,   Bunnykisses and nosebonks from your lovable bungirl, Palomara.

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