Thursday, April 08, 2010

What a great bunch of kids...and watch the video

...this is one of our volunteers.  She's just a nice as she sounds. 

Please help the littler kids at ACES get their playground.  : )  video:

Family & Friends:

For the last little while, a few of my friends and I have been working with a sweet little bilingual charter school in South LA. It's called A.C.E.S., it's a K-5 with 130 kids (chosen by lottery), and by the time the kids finish 5th grade, they are fully bilingual. It's a pretty incredible place.

The downside of being such a tiny school is that they get almost no money from the school district. They survive on donations, and they put everything they get into the curriculum. As a result, they have no playground. Just a blacktop, a backboard and a tetherball. Don't get me wrong -- you'll never hear these kids complain. But it's pretty sad. I suppose at this point I could toss out a platitude like "All kids deserve a place to play". But I think instead I'll just stick with what I know. I know these kids. And these kids deserve a place to play.

So my friends and I got together and decided to run the Orange County Marathon to help raise the money for the playground. (We even talked the principal into running with us!) It works like this: dedicate four months to training for a 26 mile race through the OC, and with any luck, you sponsor me. For however much you can. Any amount will help.

I've been training since February. (I'm up to 19 miles this Saturday.) The race is a month away. And now is the point where you come in. I know times are tough. It's probably not the best time to be asking for help. But just know that anything you can give will make a huge difference in the lives of South LA kids for years to come.

So. You can head over to our main website to watch a little video that a few members of our group made with the kids' help, and to learn more about the school and our playground project. Or if you're ready to help out, you can go straight to my fundraising page, Either way, thanks for reading such a long email, and for being the kind of person I feel comfortable sending something like this to.


**SMALL PRINT:  We've teamed up with to do the accounting, so all donations are completely secure and tax deductible. With your donation, you'll receive an electronic receipt and a tax code.

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