Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pets across America NEED you to sign this Letter of Protest

Animals and Pets NEED YOU NOW !
Let your voice be heard 
Sign our Letter to Congress
The Philanthropy Team April 21, 2010


On Tuesday, April 20th, the Supreme Court struck down a ten-year federal ban on videos showing violence against animals.  These videos, referred to as "crush" videos, because they show women crushing to death small animals with their bare feet or high heels, were once widely distributed over the Internet and appealed to people with a specific sexual fetish.
Justice Samuel Alito, the only justice to vote in support of the ban, commented that Tuesday's ruling will probably spur new crush videos because the ruling, "has the practical effect of legalizing the sale of such videos."
Although all 50 states currently have laws against animal cruelty, this federal statue helped prosecute people who took part in these "crush" videos.  America NEEDS "crush" videos to be banned.  Pets lives are at stake....


Please..... sign The Philanthropy Team's 
     which will be delivered to Congress 
 urging Congress to introduce legislation specifically banning "crush" videos.
Click here to sign the Letter to Congress.
ACT NOW! We need you to sign by April 30th.
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By signing our Letter to Congress, you are demonstrating (and encouraging others) that the human-animal bond is an important social issue.  Please forward this e-mail to as many animal lovers as you can.  Hurry, the deadline to sign the Letter to Congress by is April 30th. 
Tim Crum, President
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