Thursday, April 15, 2010

nom*nom*nom*snort*******new cutie pie at Rabbit Match!! She's lookin' for love!

nom*nom*nom*snort*******Hello there, it is 4/15/10 and I'm checking in. *** nom*nom***  Bunhilda is the name!!!  I'm a saucy cinnamon/dutch-X bunnygirl.  I was born 10/1/09.  I'm about 7 months old and I should weigh a pound more than I do. *nom* Good thing the RabbitMatch moms have an all-you-can eat plan for buns like me.  I inhaled my greens this morning  and am keeping my face in the pellet cup *nom***nom*  Oh, but I must call your attention to something!!!!  My schnozzie!!!  No, it is not the result of my getting too close while disapproving of a freshly painted white wall!!!!   I really do have a nightlight nose, white upper lips and an adorable little spot on my chin.  Disappears when I strike a profile pose!!!!

My former human was so clever at hiding me from her landlord that she actually forgot I was in the closet and I  needed to eat every day.  I'm glad she dropped me off with the RabbitMatch moms before I became so thin I disappeared when turned sideways.  I now have toys, a spiffy denbox, a huge litterbox with fresh hay daily...Life is suddenly good!!!!!  With a chow-crumbly bunnykiss, Your Bunhilda.

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