Friday, April 16, 2010

The twisty road to hoppiness...

Elkie was an evidence bun (and all that implies).  He and Esmie were the only two rabbits left in the yard when animal control got there.  There were hungry dogs in that yard with them.

On 9/2/08 they showed up at Rabbit Match's door.  Elkie will tell you about himself (and Esmie) below.  Elkie was adopted today and in love with a bunny named Butters.  : ) 

Elkhart's December update.  I'm feeling so much better.  I've been very happy here at RabbitMatch.  Mom says I weigh 5 lbs and a hair.  I almost qualify for a large dwarf.  Almost is a tough sell for a rabbit these days though.  I've had some playdates with Esmeralda and...Wait!!!...Yes, I do take full responsibility for only partial success.  Maybe I need a bunnygirl who stands up to me and let's me know who's boss!?!  What do you think??  Mom always appreciates advice!!  BunnyNoseRubs, Your Elkie.

We were rescued together.  Our story is so grim we can't share it with the RabbitMatch volunteers because they'll cry.  Suffice it to say, we're safe now.  We're working on regaining our health and putting on some weight so our names can go up on   "the calendar". When we're all better, we'd like to be rebonded but we're OK with going off with other buns since we're well versed in cohabitation.

We have the best personalities!!  We believe in giving humans another chance. Right now our veterinarian says  we need to stop talking and  rest.  Best, Elkhart and Esmeralda.

Esmie's still searching for the right out there???

(thank you, COHRS, for finding space for two really great kiddos.)

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