Thursday, April 22, 2010

Daltry adoption update!

from Dalty's mom...she's in wuv...

Daltry has been such a welcome addition to our home. It was hard to tell in the first 24-48 hours what a cuddlebug he would turn out to be. but in the past couple days he has really started trusting me so much more. He runs over to me & puts his little head on my lap when I sit down on the ground, & allows me to pick him up onto my lap for a little bunny love. He loves to have his face pet...he starts closing his eyes in just seconds. & he goes from the head-on-the-floor submissive state to his comfortable resting pose much quicker. also, he likes to keep his pen nice & messy. I'll go tidy everything up, & he will move everything & turn things on their side. silly guy!

We truly have The Best Bunnies, Adopters and Volunteers on Planet Earth!

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