Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tikki-chan is our (available!) 2lb 6oz bundle of luuuuvvvvvv...

Greetings!!!!  Like many rabbits here at RabbitMatch, humans loved us and cared for us at some point but then suddenly we were cast out by these same humans.  No flyers posted in neighborhood, not ads on CraigsList, no panicky phone messages..............incomprehensible!!!!   Anyway, the moms say I'm a little charmer and I tend to agree with them.   I'm a small agouti boy.  No dwarfish features, just small.   My birthdate is 1/1/10 and I weigh only 2 lbs 6 oz  so you see my point.

Mom must have been in her blue phase this morning because her photos fail to demonstrate the rich hues of my agouti coat.  Donate a photo studio to her somebody, won't you please????   I hope I'm not here long enough to have to help her choose drapes that are more in my color palette!!!  Sheesh, the responsibilities that fall to a small  rabbit!!!!!!!!  So anyway, I chose the name Tikki-chan.  Sort of makes you think of wonderful tropical colors, yes???    I would fit in nicely with the unpeeled willow rabbit tunnels and baskets....... Hhhhmmmm, there they are on the internet.......Could I have several, please????  Hope you hop over soon so we can meet....Bunnyhugs, Tikki-chan.

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