Thursday, February 11, 2010

Woohoo! Paralyzed bun is rescued!!

Update from Paula, the vet assistant:
the bunny was rescued by a volunteer from bunny world foundation and bunny bunch. the bunny went straight to the vet. im still waiting to find out on the diagnosis.

And I, personally (and on behalf of All Bunnies Everywhere), thank you Incredible Peeps who offered to open your home to this little guy or to help transport him to the ends of the earth. 
Robert in London, Canada
Frances in the south of France
Jen in Edinburg, Pennsylvania
Janet in Shasta Lake, California
Christy in North Carolina
Paula in ???
Caroline in LA (one of our bunny peeps!)
Funny Bunny Pet Sanctuary in Athens, West Virginia
Terry at another wonderful rescue in LA (Van Nuys)
Sarah at PilotsNPaws 
Patty at Delta
and everyone who crossposted for this little guy's benefit.  You Rock the world for bunnies.
 from us bunnies and humans at
PS links to the two rescues above in case you want to help support this little guy!

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