Tuesday, February 09, 2010

February is "Adopt A Rescued Rabbit" Month!

Adopt a Rescued Rabbit! 
Jack and Rose in LoveAdopt a Honey For Your Bunny
Two is Better Than One!
Do you feel guilty because you have a single rabbit and s/he's all alone while you're away from home? Consider adopting a second rabbit to keep your bunny happy and your guilt at bay.
When adopting a second rabbit, always go through a rabbit welfare or rescue group or adopt from an open access shelter where you can take the rabbits on "dates" to assess compatibility. Unless you have experience bonding rabbits, do not try to do this yourself! Please note rabbits should be neutered at least two weeks prior to introduction.


Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation specializes in helping you find the best match for your family and your rabbit. If you have a single bunny, please contact us and we'll do our best to help you find him or her a friend. 

House rabbits are 100% VEGAN & GREEN companions.

Find out more here!
Website:  www.RabbitMatch.org
Blog:  http://RabbitMatch.posterous.com
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Los Angeles, CA 90064
Email:  RabbitMatch @ gmail.com
(a 501c3 nonprofit project of SaveOurPlanet.org)

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