Sunday, September 19, 2010

New kid at RabbitMatch! He's adorabun!

Hello, I'm Pandolfini, joining up with RabbitMatch, 9/19/10.  I am a handsome spot-x lad.  Very crisp black fur tones on my white coat.  Bold eye makeup too.  And how about my beauty mark?????  My former family cared enough about me to have me neutered but when I managed to slip out the back door to look around (not recommended) and didn't return, they didn't waste much energy looking for me.  The volunteers here say I have the NICEST personality.  Isn't that what you've been looking for????  We were meant for each other!!!!!  I weigh 4.5 lbs and my birthdate is 2/1/10.  I want to demonstrate my happy bunny side flop for you!!!!   Faithfully Yours, Pandolfini.

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