Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ishtar on Daily Bunny!!!!

Spokesbun takes his promotional work seriously.


"How many more do we need to do?  Ok, let's try to do it in one take this time."



"Oh hai there.  If you're like me you enjoy the refined taste of Nibbler's Choice Snacky Carrots with your afternoon te.....Oh what now?  What do you mean the cameraman wasn't ready?  Jerry?"



"Look, Jerry, I have an audition at 5.  It's for the part of the new girl's pet in Gossip Girls 2.  Michael Bay is directing.  You may have heard of him?  In other words it's a MUST make for me.  Think we can wrap up this promo?"


:)  Took a little liberty with Ishtar here.  He's an adoptable with RabbitMatch in Los Angeles.  So naturally he's a struggling actor in his part time :P  You can read more about little Ishtar on his Petfinder page here.


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