Saturday, September 25, 2010

Celebration!! Two adoptions today to A+ humans!!

Yahooooooo!  Yuri and Summer have large new living spaces with their new humans.  I hear Summer is already streaking across the floor in hoppiness...  ; )



Here's an email I just got from Summer's new mom...

Just writing to say we couldn't be happier with Summer!  She's all established in her new home (although we are working on configuring something even better using those cubes from Target).  She hops all around our bedroom, has been eating lots of hay and some broccoli and has been chewing on boxes and wood blocks (Emily was excited that the block you sent was the same as some she has in her room so she was able to contribute more toys for Summer :0).  She's been drinking and going potty in her litter box so everything is smooth so far.  She comes right up to us for petting and snuggles too...more than we expected so early!  My husband has taken to her too.  Right now she is hopping all over our room, checking out everything and sometimes running gleefully across the room :0)

Thank you for all the love and care you [we!] gave her before she came to us.  We know how much time and dedication that takes.  You [We!] kept her a happy bunny so she can enjoy this next part of her life with us :0)

It doesn't get Any Better.


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