Sunday, January 10, 2010

Two bunny boys find their humans this weekend!

Cartier-Bresson and Aurelius went home this weekend.

Cartier found a new home with one of our newer volunteers, Natasha.  Yay Natasha!  We want pictures!!

11/1/09 update from Cartier-bresson.  I'm a growing boy at 4 lbs 5 oz.  My spot pattern is really unique and I have the nicest personality ever!!!  Bunnynoserubs from your C.B.

So I was lecturing Mom as she was carting me over to the photo studio.  I said, "Your eye must see a composition or an expression that life itself offers you, and you must know with intuition when to click the camera."    And then, having been an appaloosa pony in a former life I proceeded to binky all over the place.    So my glamour shots....hhhmmmm...... shall we blame me or the Mom's lack of intuition????

ANYWAY, I'm Cartier-Bresson, but you may call me C.B.  We're friends, yes??  So I'm an adorable charcoal on white freckled   spot-x boy.  I was born 5/15/09 and weigh 3 lbs.    My crisp markings are absolutely divine!!!!  Being a baby, I never stop moving unless I'm being cuddled!!!  And there are never enough cuddles to go around.  That's where YOU come in!!!!  I was bought at a  ***gag***** pet store   and my former humans never did get around to cleaning my  tiny cage.  Look at my feet!!!  Yellow!!!!  I wasn't on the street long enough  for my feet   to change colors  or for me to get hit by a car  so I guess the glass is half full!!!     We rabbits are such a positive lot!!!  Don't you want that energy in YOUR life???    When you're feeling  down, just pet your bunny and suddenly life isn't so bad!!!!

Do email Mom for an appointment to visit, OK??  And offer to bring your camera!!!   Enthusiastically yours, Cartier-Bresson.    9/7/09

Aurelius was adopted as a husbun to Crystal by a wonderful family who will love him totally.  : )  Pic of the car ride home attached.

11/1/09 Your golden boy, Aurelius, checking in at 4 lbs 13 oz.  I do hope this is it weight wise for me.  Bunnylove from your Aurelius.

Aurelius here with an important correction.  On 9/9/09 I weighed 3 lbs 2 oz.  I don't know where that 5 lb weight came from in my first writeup.  Some bun must have had a toe on the scale while Mom was distracted.  Sheesh!!!  I'm a little guy, a dwarf   dutch-x bunboy!!!  Oh and I'm becoming more relaxed and friendly every day.  Hey!! That's the spirit at RabbitMatch!!!  Let me put a  soft  golden glow in your home!!!  Your petite bunnyboy, Aurelius.

*****murmf!!!!****sniff*****huh????  "Oh no!!  Mom,  NO!!!!     I'm afraid to come out of my denbox...what if those humans have come back  for me, mom......."
"Don't worry little bun, it's just your interview to be up on the world famous RabbitMatch website!!!!  Nothing to fear!!!!  Tell your audiece you are checking in 8/25/09"

"mmmfffff...well, OK, I guess......haaarumppphhhh.... my name is Aurelius and I'm a gold and white dutch-x boy.  My birthdate is 2/1/09  and I weigh 5 lbs.  Life has not been good to me so far.   My humans became inconsistent about feeding me and it must have been forever since they cleaned my expensive solid bottomed cage.   Then there was lots of shouting and arguing about whose  turn it was  to care for me and finally  they threw me in the dumpster, cage and all!!!!    I was buried under a mountain of rabbit marbles but lucky for me that  other  humans who saw me there knew about RabbitMatch.

So I'm all clean now.   The bump on my head is all better.   I have a nice comfy condo and the other rabbits are helping me to feel at home.    I like to hang out in the cardboard houses in the rabbit run when it is my turn to exercise.  I know soon I'll be doing mega-binkies  though, I just have to work on positive self talk  and deep breathing  exercises  to reduce my anxieties, I mean, can you blame me  for a high stress level????

I'm willing to give humans another chance.  Rabbits are like that.  Maybe we can heal each other?????  Your Very Spiritual Bun, Aurelius.

These buns wouldn't find homes without you.  You all rock.

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