Friday, January 29, 2010

Bunny saves, right Criss?

Faith, luck and a bit of cheating

6 years ago Animal Control and I got to know each other over a rabbit. I had received a call about a rabbit left to starve after the family moved away Christmas Eve. The caller said she could see bones, not good at all.. She had called AC but after 3 days had heard nothing so she called a local dog rescue who gave her my number.

While we were talking AC arrived and told me not to take possession of the rabbit, not to trespass to attempt to feed the rabbit etc. They had to protect the rights of the owners to return for her, even if they haven't been seen in 4 weeks.. After telling me we had to wait 10 days, well I can't repeat what I told them... But not wanting to be arrested I agreed not to step foot on the property.
BUT I never agreed not to tell the neighbor how to feed and care for her. (who said she wouldn't let this animal starve to death).

Then there was a ice storm and we lost power for 3 days. I was worried sick about this skinny little bunny sleeping in the cold, with very little to eat. I thought there's no way she's survive. (curse of the rescuer, I am concerned about a rabbit long before we meet.) But on Feb 4 the power came back on and my phone rang.. The neighbor asked if I could still take the bunny, AC hadn't even called to check on it..and she was willing to bring it to me. A short while later I was holding the prettiest Dutch I had ever seen.. She looked out the carrier at me like "I knew I'd make it, I had faith"...thus her name. It amazed me she was such a sweet bunny, after all she had been through. But she did have a bad vocabulary and didn't think twice about grunting or growling if things didn't go her

Several months later AC came into where I worked and asked if I had taken that rabbit.. I said "No, I never stepped foot on that property....don't even know the address".. One of them asked if they'd find the brown bunny at my house and I said "Nope "......because she wasn't a brown bunny she is a tortie dutch, she wasn't skinny any longer and well they'd never recognize

I took photos of her the day she arrived, after being fed by the neighbor for almost 2 weeks. When people ask why I do this, I think of Faith...the sweetest Dutch I've ever known. Of course she did have that fling with Jonny B Badd producing the Dutch mafia....but well what girl can resist his charms.

Here you see her back bone, I'm not pressing that's how far it was sticking up.
My name is Faith O'Hara, I think you'd heard of my Cousin Scarlet? Well like her, I'll never be hungry again.. or cold.
Faith a few years later, you can see she never missed another meal.

(thanks to Ingrid Doerksen for sending this out into the ether)

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