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Does your house bunny own you?

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Does your house bunny own you?
January 9, 4:19 PMDayton Small Pets ExaminerPhyllis O'Beollain

Amy, the Educator at the San Diego House Rabbit Society, has compiled a list of the ways we can know that we are owned by our house bunnies (in case there is still any question in your mind).  Here is just a portion of that list; for the complete list (along with many other fun things) go check out Cats & Rabbits & More,

The HILARIOUS video below is from RabbitMatch's Posterous site.  Turn up your speakers.


You are owned by a house rabbit when:

• You don't think twice when things end up with chew holes
• Every flower and every twig is considered for other uses as you walk in the forest
• You find a bunny poop in your dressing gown pocket and you are in hospital
• You go to the produce store and buy absolutely nothing for yourself, only for the rabbits
• You have 3 cans of pumpkin in the pantry at all times, just in case
• You know what a NIC condo is & have probably built one
• You happily harvest the dandelions growing in your yard
• You have hay in your washer/dryer and have to pick off tiny pieces from your clothing while at work
• You wake up to two foster babies fighting in an enclosure that's not theirs and the rightful occupant of the enclosure is halfway across the room watching them fight
• You become obsessed with poop...there's more!

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