Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The cutest pair of dwarfs the Bunny Goddess ever created.

Hey all you bunny peeps!

This is Flaubert et Camille.  The cutest pair of dwarfs the Bunny Goddess ever created.  There's only one problem.  Camille was brought to the shelter because she's cage defensive (Who Wouldn't Be!?).  But that makes them very hard to adopt unless the human already Knows Bunnies.  You know, like us.  ; )

Is there anyone out there in Bunny UniverseLand who could take in these munchkins?  Camille just needs space and time.  I brought my Bogie home from a shelter because he was a 'biter' and we thought they'd send him to the 'back room'.  He bit me furiously for 2 months.  Then has never bitten again.  And he's been with us for 2 years now.  (Yay Bogie!)

Here's the write up Lisa wrote for them.  They are truly adorabuns.

Flaubert and Camille reporting in.  Yes, it's December and we're still waiting for our forever home.  Do remember please, that we are not at the RabbitMatch site with the single bunnies.  Mom will send you to us if you're interested.  We don't want you to be disappointed!! Lovingly yours, Flaubert and Camille.

Bonjour!!  Flaubert and Camille here!!  We're too much  in love to get on the scales separately. We can't believe it is October and we're still available!!  Dazzling dwarves!!

Mon dieu!! Sacre bleu!!  We have been waiting since May.  Now it is August and we, the cutest dwarf pair ever, are still seeking a forever home.  We're shocked!!  Shocked, to have to inform the world of this injustice.  This situation must be remedied!!  Are you ready to take action!!  In solidarity, Flaubert and Camille.

June update. We weigh 3-3 1/2 lbs. We're less than a year old.

We are mother and son. We're both dwarves. Flaubert is white w bright blue eyes and Camille has a spalsh of dark chocolate color on her back and ear and dark blue eyes. We're a tiny, beyond adorable pair!! Bunny binkies to you, Flaubert and Camille.

We're already spayed and neutered and litterbox trained too.

For us to meet fill out the application at and one of our humans will contact you very soon.

Forward and/or crosspost too pleeeeez.

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