Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Update on RabbitMatch.org Miracles!!

These are the people who -- in the last 7 days! -- have given HALF of the 6 months rent we need to keep our doors open till all our kids are adopted...

YOU have our gratitude and love. Thank you.


Stephan VL - Escondido, CA

Jordon J - San Pedro, CA

Alison O - Sherman Oaks, CA

Lisa H - Santa Monica, CA

Lisa H - Los Angeles, CA

Jennifer W - San Diego, CA

Patricia B - Memphis, TN

Linda S - San Diego, CA

TheBunsitterClub.com (D.J.) - Los Angeles, CA

Marcia G - Long Beach, CA

Lori H - Whittier, CA

Steven C - Plano, TX

Paula T - Van Nuys, CA

MeoowzResQ - Orange, CA

Lori D - Mesa, AZ

Kristin L - Brooklyn, NY

Deana N - Mesa, AZ

Phyllis OB - Kettering, OH

Starfish Animal Rescue (Chela) - Los Angeles, CA

Deborah D - Manhattan Beach, CA

Jamie S - North Bellmore, NY

Aleva S - Los Angeles, CA

Cathy B - Atwood, CA

Ann P - Houston, TX

Joanne H - Tucson, AZ

Kelly H - Redondo Beach, CA

Kathleen W - Annapolis, MD

Lucy T - Los Angeles, CA

Dana M - Long Beach, CA

Danielle G - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Barbara B - Daly City, CA

Deborah P - Torrance, CA

Ralph D - Norman, OK

Vanessa DL & John S - San Pedro, CA

Lisa E - Los Angeles, CA

Reva T - Los Angeles, CA

(found at marketingimplementer.wordpress.com)

Miracles needed to complete our mission...

  • Rent. 3 months ($800 x 3 = $2,400)
  • Donations.

$25.81 will pay for one day's rent. $180.67 will pay a week's rent. Anything above this will go toward transport expenses and/or to the rescues who have lovingly taken our rabbits in.

To donate now.

  • Frequent Flyer Miles + Transporters. We need help to get the rabbits to their new homes.
  • Adopters. That means you! (if you have the room)
  • Volunteers. Bunnies seeking humans for pet duty. Please apply.

Please be a part of this success in any way you can. : )

Thank you everybun!!


You can also support the rabbits with a check payable to:
PO Box 642839
Los Angeles, CA 90064

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