Monday, November 14, 2011

Double Update on Miracles!!

These are the people who -- in the last 7 days! -- have given THE OTHER HALF of the 6 months rent we need to keep our doors open till all our kids are adopted...

Noisette + Mouselette think you're bunderful...(we do too!)


Andrea M  --  Longview, TX

Angie O'N  --  Los Angeles, CA

Anne M  --   Dayton, OH

Anthony M  --   Camillus, NY

Carolyn B  --   Ballwin, MO

Chris W  --  Grafton, WI 

Cynthia S  --   El Sobrante, CA

Delaine D  --   Burnaby, BC, Canada

Eileen S  --  Hollywood, FL

Eleazar C  --   Ventura, CA

Elicia G  --  Houston, TX

Grace S  --   Orlando, FL

Heather C  --   Ithaca, NY

Heather H  --  Cottage City, MD

Helga S  --  Sacramento, CA

Jane F  --   Austin, TX

Jane S  --   San Francisco, CA

Jennifer W  --  San Diego, CA

Karen P  --  Braintree, Essex, UK

Keely L  / in memory of Effie  --   Oak Point, TX

Kelley V  --  San Rafael, CA

Kelli J  --   San Diego, CA

Kerin S  --  Allentown, PA

Kieru D  --   Reno, NV

M L  --   Picnic Point, NSW, Australia

Margot P  --   Los Angeles, CA

Maria Y  --   Alexandria, VA

Marla W  --  High Prairie, Alberta, Canada

Martha B  --  Binghamton, NY

Monique H  --  San Diego, CA

Nicole T  --   Huntington Beach, CA

Noelle N  --  Seattle, WA

Pamela C  --   Amherst, NY

Patricia U  --   Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Priscilla D  --  Arlington, MA

Robin O  --   La Jolla, CA

Roz D  --   Pawcatuck, CT

Sven B  --  Hamburg, Germany

Tomasz B  --   St. Petersburg, FL

Trisha C  --   Santa Clara, CA

Victoria V  --  Chicago, IL

Wendy G  --   Worcester, MA

Suzanne L  --  Westlake Village, CA

Kerry S   --  Glenside, PA

Rachel W  --  New York, NY

Renee P  --  New York, NY

Yigit B  --  New Haven, CT

Amy W  --  New York, NY

Kavitha S   --  New York, NY

Christina A  --  New York, NY

Gabrielle R  --  Brooklyn, NY

Anita Sue R  --  La Jolla, CA

Keith C  --  Prairieville, LA

Cucci Chiropractic  --  New York, NY


and there's more too!

We've had 6 adoptions in the past 2 weeks!!!

Achilles (update coming soon!)

Rufus + Dorian





Mocha June


All these kids have partner buns now too!

Thank you everybun!!

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