Friday, December 17, 2010

golly. gulp. this kinda stuff makes it all worthwhile. : )

From Katherine and Nick, Roslind's new humans.  : )

Little Roz is settling in very well in her new home.  She makes us laugh when she gets quite energetic and playful. She races from the hallway through the living room to the kitchen, turns around and charges back, and then once again back to the kitchen with a leap in the air, that I hope is a leap of joy.  She is never in a cage.  She has the kitchen all to herself with her blanket, litterbox, food, etc during the day while we are at work, and in the evening she explores the house, spends time under the bed (one of her favorite places), and also at the bay window, which is reserved just for her.  We love her and she seems to be quite fond of us too.
Thank you for having rescued her and taken such good care of her and for having laid the path to us. 

: )  We love this stuff.

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