Friday, December 17, 2010

Another hoppy human (and bunny)!!

From Pye who adopted Snowden a year ago...

It's been a year since you helped me adopt Snowden aka Totoro!  My entire family adores him though at first they were really surprised I brought a rabbit home.  He roams around the house all day when we're home and loves to bink at night.  My mom loves it when he sticks his nose up to tell you where to scratch.  =D  He also loves to run around our back yard and eat all the weeds.  I'm very vigilant about what he eats and if there are hawks flying around so don't worry.   I've included some photos too!  He was in a big cage when I was at school, but now he has his own little closet with a nice big window.  Just wanted to say you thank you again for helping me meet Totoro.

Hope everybun is doing great at RabbitMatch!

With messages like this, We Are!!!  : )

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