Friday, December 10, 2010

all this little girl wants for Christmas, is her bunny to get better...

When asked, Catherine said
"All I want for Christmas is for my bunny to be well."


You can't tell on pic but in real life her left cheek is swollen and her left eye is "popping out". if you look up retrobular abscess in bunnies you can see pics of what it looks like if it goes untreated, it may evently pop out!

This is from Liza's mom's boss... 
I have known this family for many years.  It's legitimate.  Their current situation is very tough, Dad hasn't found work since he finished his Army assignment, Mom works commission and as you know things are tough!!!!  We've been helping with groceries and gas.  Rabbit Match paid for the Vet visit but doesn't have the funds for the surgery. If you can make a small donation, please call OverlandVet Clinic. ASK FOR MAGGIE and tell them your donation is for LIZA Bunny (if it's not earmarked they won't get it)
Thank you for sharing this with friends who might be interested in helping.
OverlandVet Clinic's phone is 310-559-2424
ASK FOR MAGGIE and tell her your donation is for LIZA Bunny 
(if it's not earmarked she won't get it!)
Thanks to all you bunny angels out there.  Let's give Catharine the Best Christmas Possible...  : )

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