Sunday, October 03, 2010

Another sweetie pie shows up at Rabbit Match!!!


I thought I'd be too depressed and worried to say HI!!  but then I saw the litterbox full of hay!!!!  ****crunch ***chomp*nom*nom*chomp*****Permit me to introduce myself.  I am Nakamura.  A very special bun.  I am a lilac spot bun.  My markings are so wonderfully delicate you'll want  to commission a water color portrait of me!!!  Yes, you will!!!  My ears, tail and  eyemakeup are a most breathtaking shade of lilac/fawn.  I'm a little bit on the plump side at 6 lbs but the other rabbits tell me the moms make it a priority to create slimming diets for all chubbies.   

I've been cooped up in a cage for a long time.  My birthdate is 2/1/09  and the first order of business was to trim my nails which were grotesque.  I always believed I was a good rabbit but now I'm not at all sad that I was dropped off at RabbitMatch.  Now I'll have the opportunity to meet The Very Best Humans!!!!   Yup!!!   Like yourself, that's who peruses the website and emails RM moms.  The other rabbits told me all about the incredible adopters we have but we need more!!!!  Too many of us rabbits have been warming our denboxes here for too long but it's the economy, you know.   The economy has hit the rabbits really hard.  Maybe one of us should run for political office????  We truly do better as public servants than many of the elected humans!!!  jeesh.

Hope things are looking up for you humans out there and you're ready to share the good life with a great bun!!!!   Cordially, your suave and mature Nakamura.


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