Friday, October 15, 2010

Animal Hoarding Project Website Launch

Worthy cause and good intentions. 

It's an Animal Planet show, so we're hoping (...) it won't be like reality tv and really do some good.  wish they wouldn't take cameras in...


Please watch the latest news coverage of our cause, 
14th October, 2010
Animal Hoarding Usually Isn’t Addressed Until It Becomes A Crime…Until Now.  CONFESSIONS: ANIMAL HOARDING, airing on Animal Planet, explores the Human Impact and Animal Toll of Animal Hoarding.

As any veterinarian or professional involved in animal welfare knows, animal hoarding is a pervasive and common problem that confronts every community in the country.  Until now, animal hoarding has largely been regarded as a law enforcement issue. Seizing animals by force creates a huge burden for local shelters and animal control agencies, and without help, the recidivism rate for animal hoarders is near 100 percent. 

CONFESSIONS: ANIMAL HOARDING is a new series on Animal Planet that takes an entirely new approach to the problem. Each episode delves into specific hoarding cases, trying to unlock the psychological motivations that underlie this behavior and find new and workable solutions before the problem gets out of control. The series ventures into the homes of animal hoarders to see the world from their point of view. A team of psychologists, veterinarians and animal welfare organizations work with concerned friends and family members to craft a real viable solution for the individuals and their pets.  

Although animal hoarding is not yet formally recognized as a distinct psychological disorder in the psychiatric diagnostic manual, the mental health community is trying to better understand and approach animal hoarding through a human lens. Unless this problem is addressed and understood at a human level, it will never be solved. Animal Planet's series is providing an opportunity for experts in psychology, veterinary health and leading organizations to address and unlock the problem on a national level. 

The production team is currently seeking stories. If you or your organization knows someone who could benefit from participating on our show, contact casting at, call: 1-877-698-7387 or encourage them to contact us directly. You can also submit someone to be considered for the show online at .
We ask that if you can please circulate the attached flyer at your events or on your community notice-board, or mention our webpage in your newsletters or post a brief link on your websites, twitter account or facebook page, so that people seeking help, for themselves or loved ones, can find us.
A possible link might look like this:
The Animal Planet show, CONFESSIONS: ANIMAL HOARDING, is currently looking for people who own more animals than they can properly care for and need help - whether they have a houseful of rabbits, reptiles, birds or common household pets. People can submit their Animal Hoarding story directly to



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