Tuesday, May 18, 2010

our newest available-for-adoption agouti dwarf fuzzbutt!!!

Greetings!!!  It is 5/17/10 and I've found a spot at RabbitMatch.  My name is Kioko.  It means, "rabbit child who brings joy"  and I certainly intend to devote myself to just that higher purpose!!!!!  I'm a dwarf...buggy eyes, small ears, the whole package.  Not to mention my striking agouti coat.  I fear the mom and camera were not up to capturing my beauty...oh dear!!!!!  That means you'll have to email for an appointment and come and visit!!!  YAY!!!!!!

My birthdate is 11/1/09.  I'm fully grown.  I weigh about 3 lbs.  Mom will have the exact number as soon as she finds out who took the scale!!!!  I'll tell you more about myself in my next update.  Right now I want to give my nice denbox a nom-nom. With a binky of love and joy, Your Kioko.

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