Friday, May 14, 2010

The fur's growing back! Roslind + Orlando buns!

Hello, RabbitMatch fans.  I'm Roslind aka "Roz" half of the Roslind/Orlando couple.  We were confiscated from a hoarder and brought in 5/1/10.  We were in such bad shape, the moms didn't want to photograph us right away.  You know, this IS a family  friendly  website and we didn't want  to make  the children cry.  Upon arrival I was giving birth to non-viable babies. You see I weighed less than 4 lbs and I should weigh 5.   The fur has been burned off my feet and tail you all know about urine scald..filth and starvation was the order of the day in my former home.

You might expect the hoarder to do jail time but no such luck.  Did you know that even for killing endangered species, the maximum charge is just a class A or B misdemeanor????   So what hope is there for a domestic rabbit?????  I'm just glad to be alive, safe and in a lovely, nurturing environment.

I am a gorgeous hemilop redhead girl. Spot-x.  Supposedly I am 2 years old so my birthdate is 6/1/08.  I am writing this on 5/15/10.  You COULD have me in to rehabilitate myself in YOUR home, you know.....Craftily yours, Roslind.

Note:  I had direct experience with Ros and her bf.  They looked absolutely moth eaten.  what valiant little spirits.

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