Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kohana's new mom, Camille, reports in...

  Deacon   +   Kohana    =  true !!

I have rescued Miss Kohana and decided to do some bunny bonding of my very own.  So far--so very good!  I worked on Mr. D[eacon Binkenhops] first.   I wanted him to not negatively react to her scent so I used a lot of positive reinforcement (treats) and just a few squirts of tap water from a teeny tiny spray bottle as a reminder of what not to do (in his case, pouncing!).  Boy is my baby smart because he caught on super fast and was soon snuggling up to me all over again (and got a lot more treats for doing so)!

It's only been a couple of days since the kids have met but already Mr. D is succumbing to Kohana, though I think she wishes he would be a little more aggressive ;)  She is very sweet and patient with him and has bathed his head in kisses multiple times today.  

ALL IS GOOD!  I will send you pics soon when the two are camera-ready :)

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