Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lucinda's, hoppy!!!!


We got this from Lucy's mom today...this is what makes our volunteering so worthwhile!  Yay us!

I was introduced to the great things that Rabbit Match does when I adopted my little bunny Lucinda (now Lucy) in Dec. of 08.  (She is doing very well by the way!!!  love her!!!)  Anyway - would love to do some volunteering for the bunnies!  Please contact me if you are in need of some help!  Thank you much!

p.s.  my availability varies, but i do always have a minimum of 3 hours per week, although at times the days may change - i put my best guesses down below.

and p.s.s.  As much as i would LOVE to foster another bunny, I don't think my boyfriend or Lucy would fare well with it...  Lucy alone is about as much as we can handle!  She's pretty feisty!


This was her original write up...she truly was/is a Warrior Princess.  ; )

Lucinda's December update.  Well, mom put up a photo of me that better expresses my warrior princess' self.  Yes, I'm in topnotch form at 6 lbs 13 oz.   I have Rabbitude to spare. Maybe because I'm a redhead??   I love the company of people who understand rabbits.  You're out there, I know you are....Wistfully, Lucinda.

October report from Lucinda. Well!! I never!! Lausanne was adopted to be the bunnybride of an easygoing bunnyboy. Love at first sight!! And here I thought I was the prettiest sister. (sigh). I've grown a bit. Mom wrote 5 lbs 15 oz on my weightchart. So there's a bit more of me, a red/white dutch-X girl to love!! Don't forget, I have bonding experience too!! Bunny kisses, Lucinda.

I weighed in at 4 lbs 8 ozs today. Mom says my birthdate is 2/08. My photos on the website don't do me justice. I am a stunning dutch-x redhead with a delicate white frothy pattern bib. I do want Mom to stop calling me one of the Dingbat sisters though, because I'm aiming for some class and culture here!! If I could live with Lausanne, bonding with any bunnyboy should be simplicity itself. Please come and make my lovely acquaintance. Love, Lucinda.

Hi, you'll notice Lausanne didn't say anything about me!! She's like that!! Actually we were abandoned together, stuffed into a tiny cage. What else is new?? We just couldn't work out the shared space thing so now we each have our personal RabbitMatch condo. I kind of miss cuddling with her but I guess an ultimate parting of ways is the rule for baby bunnies thrown together. Besides, she snores!! Just kidding!! As you can see, I'm the one with the sense of humor. I'm a petite red/white dutch-x girl. My brown eyes contrast nicely with my coat. Love those earth colors!! Love, Lucinda.

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