Monday, March 08, 2010

Hi, I'm cute! bunnyboy for adoption!

Hello All!! It is Mar. 6, 2010 and I'm the new bunnykid at RabbitMatch.  I'm a cinnamon-x bunnyboy.  I'm still a baby, birthdate 11/1/09.  I weigh 3 lbs but I plan to do lots more growing!!!   So here's my story.  I was taken away from my mom when I was really tiny.  Sold in the park for $5.  In a few weeks in my new home I was beginning to think I was living an H.P.Lovecraft horror story.   My plastic container seemed to be shrinking until I couldn't even turn around.  The kids became bored with me as soon as the mom started yelling about cleaning that container. They'd put me on a high table so I couldn't hop away.  When they put me in the back yard, I made a bunny break for it and luckily I ended up here at RabbitMatch.

The other rabbits, being really wise, explained to me that I was growing all the time.  Little rabbits do that.  Grow up really fast.  It's nature!!!  Humans often don't bother to think that far ahead and that's why we need RabbitMatch AND more research on brain transplants!!!!!   Sheesh!!!!!  SO the other rabbits tease me a little bit and call me Mr. Prunetail!!!!  Yes!!  My liddle tail looks just like a prune from being jammed against my body and much of me   being soaking wet all the time.

You can make it all better for me!!!   I'm smelling clean and fresh already!!!   e-mail the mom and come visit.  Maybe you too share a love of light opera???   With a tra-la-HONK!!!  Your little Gildenstern.

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rabbits for sale said...

It is so cute and the picture of his side face is making him more cute.The story posted over here in the article is very interesting and heart melting.