Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Bunny Tale -- Why Some Rabbits Have Pink Eyes

Thought it was time to put this story out into the ether again.  Hoppy New Year from all the bunnies (and volunteers) at Rabbit Match.

Why Some Rabbits Have Pink Eyes

A long, long time ago when the world was very new and all the animals were learning why they were created, the Maker of Animals spoke to the rabbits.

"You must ensure our world continues by helping to feed the eagles and the foxes, for without them and others of their kind, all life on our world will soon die out. In gratitude, I grant you the ability to run very fast so many of you will escape. I also grant you many other gifts which will allow your family to increase. Rabbits will always be!"

One odd-looking little white rabbit with pink eyes spoke up, saying "But Maker, what about me? I look really different than my brothers and sisters and my eyes are so sensitive I can't bear to go outside during the daylight. I'm afraid my family will disappoint you and fail in your plans for us."

The Maker gently took up the white rabbit and spoke thus, "Oh, sweet bunny, you have a very special gift! You are all white to show the rabbits' pure love, kindness, and gentleness to all the humans in this new world. You and many others of your kind, white or not, will be chosen to live with fortunate humans who need and appreciate the very special connection between
humans and many of my animals."

"Maker," said the white bunny, "my family will gladly give love to those who seek it. But still I wonder why my eyes are pink - so different than all these other rabbits."

The Maker stroked the fur of this oh-so-curious, smart little rabbit, now called Bunny. "Well, My Own, your kind in particular will be those most blessed of rabbits who will be able to see their beloved humans through rose-colored eyes!"

-->> I'd sure like to know who author is!

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