Monday, January 19, 2009

In Honor of Tomorrow's Inauguration...

in the beginning...

a hopeful seeker of answers

asks direction

of the primal force

the exuberant energy

that spins molecules

unites cells

forms shapes

sculpts texture

spreads color

adds variety

and breathes the

life force

into all

making one

the seeker

being a bit apprehensive

is unsure where to look

how to hear

or see

touch or smell

the sought for peace

the moment of clarity

the exuberant energy

being kind

and accepting of all who seek

sends the east wind to show the way

go to the beginning

to the first breath

in movement

in stillness

in the pause between

i have arrived

i am at home

the power to create the answer is there

in the breath


spinning molecules

uniting cells

sculpting form

spreading color

adding variety

guiding creating

inside the hopeful seeker of answers

it is found

she breathes.


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