Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Post 12: Mendoza to Belen

Passing on the right.

The bright colors didn't come through here, but this is a cemetery along the highway. It looked like a miniature town.

Old doors/buildings are everywhere.

Maybe they want to keep the goats out??

Southern Arizona redux:

Here they come...

...and there they go.

Tree breaks are planted everywhere.

More views from the highway.

It's hard to see, but in this pic there are goats, sheep, cows and horses. The only thing missing was the chickens.

Belen was the first town we saw that was poor. The northern regions have the largest indigenous populations. They have a longstanding history, were taken over by the Incas in 1000s and then survived a US West-like slaughter in the 1600-1800s.

We stayed the night in a hostel-type hotel and it was probably the best lodging in town. Their rock work was amazing. Old and new.

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