Monday, November 10, 2008

Post 7: Views of San Rafael

Smallish town probably under 5,000. Quiet. All streets -- all -- are shaded with old trees. In fact, I think Argentina is a country of trees. They've been planted everywhere.

This is one of the streets just off the main street in town. Three guys riding bikes down the middle of the street. Very Quiet.

The main drag.

Our corner street sign. All of Argentina's street signs are the same (if they exist or if you can spot them!). 90% of the streets everywhere are one way and can change names every few blocks. However, every city and town uses exactly the same names for their streets. No variation: 9 de Julio, 25 de Septiembre, Gen. Alvear...

The gutters here are open with bridges at driveways. Sidewalks are good to nonexistent. I really had to keep my eyes open.

Quirky Argentina Quiz: What is the thing below?

It's the Argentine version of a trash can. All sorts of styles, shapes and colors but all are a basket on top of a pole. We didn't see much trash here. People conserve everything. These baskets are usually empty or have one or two full plastic grocery bags. I think the trash collectors pick up overnight.

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