Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Okay everybun...big news day!! : )

We have news!!

Ten of our kiddos are on their way to a wonderful rabbit rescue (and wildlife rescue!) in North Texas! Lulu and her hubby, Jeremy, stuffed all ten in their little car (safely, of course) and drove them away to their new home...sorta...

Diana, new mom from the rabbit rescue, will be meeting them in Marfa, TX. Anyone know about Marfa?? Sounds like a Very Cool Place. http://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/06/05/wanderlust-marfa-texas/

With a population of less than 2,500, they have their own Prada store...


Who knew!?

And here's where Lulu and Jeremy are staying...

El Cosmico

To top it off, Diana requested a personal bunny of her own. She knew exactly who she wanted...a gray chinchilla girl with attitude...WHO could she be talking about????  ; )



The other kids who went to TX to find their perfect humans were...

Tessa Mae
Serendipity & Mariposa
Mouselette & Noisette (Soleil)
and Ivy Louise

We're very happy they found such a wonderful place. I guess it's time to visit Texas!!  ; )

We want to THANK Lulu and Jeremy for doing this Great Bunny Adventure for our rabbits. And a THANK YOU to Inge for doing all the logistics -- from BELGIUM!

...We also have an update from Karen on her new kids, Tai (Sadie) and Chi (Zoey)...

My son, Daniel and I are somewhat giddy at having so many buns in the house!  Taking the bonding process verrryyy slowly. . . .  And, after watching Sadie and Zoey (new names!) do binkies across the living room tonight, the idea of three times as many droppings to clean up, seems a small chore next to the joy these two will bring into our home.
Thanks for everything!  We will keep you updated on future events (with pics too)!
Karen  :) 

Life. Is. Good.

And love to you all.

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