Thursday, June 02, 2011

This is Patagonia...she wants a word with you...

Hello there beautiful! Will you please open the latch on my condo so that I can cuddle you? You look like you smell really nice, do I detect a hint of strawberries and cilantro in that scent you’re wearing? What’s that, you’re not wearing any perfume? Well you must just naturally smell like my idea of heaven, lucky you!

I’m Patagonia and I am the sweetest bun you will ever meet. I bear a gorgeous gray coat with a prominent patch of marigold colored fur on my posterior. The moms say it matches my sunny disposition! I am an expert nuzzler and all around fabulous cuddler. I would absolutely love to be adopted by a human who will keep me in their nice warm home and provide me with unlimited affection and of course a nice supply of greens and exercise! In my spare time, I love to rearrange my condo and sprawl out in my ex-pen after running in circles around the moms.

If Playboy featured real bunnies rather than those silly humans dressed up in bunny ears, I would definitely make the cover! I am an expert flirt but am looking for my one true love and I wish upon a star that it’s you, you delicious-smelling human! So please contact the moms at RabbitMatch and schedule a play date with me, Patagonia, the most playful and positively radiant bun there ever was!

Passionately Yours, Patagonia

(written and photographed by Camille!)

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