Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's with the eye injuries!!?

More vol news...

Tanti and Scott (from our Torrance rescue) saved a bun in Alondra Park who had an eye injury. They took him to their vet and -- in only 1 week -- he's BETTER!!! Here are before and after pics.  (bleh.)

Before                                                    After
Blue CLOSEUP EYE BEFORE.jpg      Blue AFTER 1 week.jpg

Dr Rosskoff figures he was injured in a fight and infection set in but thanks to Tanti and Scott his eye was saved! They've named him Blue because he has Frank Sinatra-blue eyes. He's a charmer and since Tanti and Scott already have 6 bunkids at home -- he's adoptable!  ; )

So cute.


Thank you, Tanti and Scott. We LUV our Bunderful Volunteers!

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Anonymous said...

Scott and Tanti live in a condo complex that doesn't allow rabbits. The maximum number of pets is supposed to be only two. With six rabbits and two cats you can imagine what kind of problems this is causing.