Saturday, April 02, 2011

Thought you'd like to read Roslind's BEFORE and AFTER story... : )


Hello, RabbitMatch fans.  I'm Roslind  aka the "Roz" half of the Roslind/Orlando couple.   We were confiscated from a hoarder and brought in 5/1/10.  We were in such bad shape, the moms didn't want to photograph us right away. You know, this IS a family  friendly  website and we didn't want  to make  the children  cry.  Upon arrival I was giving birth to non-viable babies.  You see I weighed less than 4 lbs and I should weigh 5.   The fur has been burned off my feet and tail  you all know about urine scald...........filth and starvation was the order of the day in my former home.

Your hemilop beauty, Roslind, checking in 7/1/10.   You'll be thrilled to hear I've gone from  4 lbs at the start of May to 6 lbs 15 oz today  and I still need to put on more weight!!!!   The moms say I have made so much progress in every way.  I no longer have nightmares about being cold, hungry and being chased.  I am a really special redhead bungirl.  Maybe YOU could make a plan to re-bond Orlando, my husbun and me and take us  away to our furever home???  Could you, please????   I'll be doing my yoga and "ears down" exercises and waiting for you to hop on over.  Could I be Your Irish Rose???  Love from Roslind.
Oh, and my husbun, Orlando is about to shed his multiple dreds.   Life is good!!!! Do come by to see me won't you??? Enchantingly yours, Roslind

[Roz was adopted November 28, 2010.]   [Orlando is still waiting for his perfect human to come for him. Will it be YOU?]


Hi I'm Roz, now known as Bunny Bonnie by my humans, Nick and Katherine.  I'm a hoppy girl 'specially because my history was So BAD.  Dreams do come true. : )


Hello Inge and Rabbit Match,

Just a picture of Bunny Bonnie in one of her favorite lazy spots, under the sofa poking her little nose out to look around ... she is so mellow!
We love her...
love katherine, nicholas and bonnie

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