Friday, March 18, 2011

Bunny Peeps! We Major Good News!!

Yes! We've finally did it!

We're leaving the city shelter where we've been caring for our buns for several years and are moving this week to a new safe haven all for the bunnies!!!!! 

All the rabbits at the shelter are coming with us, and from now on, any incoming rabbits to the shelter will come straight to us, too!  : )

Our rescue kids finally have a quiet clean home until their perfect human comes to adopt them...yay!

So we're calling on our fellow bunny friends--like you!--to donate items the bunbuns need asap.

Here's the WISH LIST for the new 10x20 ft space...

for the rabbits...
5    ex pens 4 ft high
15  6" diameter water crocks
15  3" dia food crocks
5    extra large litter boxes or cement/plaster mixing boxes
3    8" dia cement tube forms
2   giant waste containers with lids and wheels
3   medium open-top rabbit carriers
3   large       "      "      "

for the space...
linoleum sheet for 2  11x12 ft spaces
vacuum cleaner
1    3- shelf industrial shelf unit
gift cards for Home Depot and Petco or Centinela Feed

for clean hoppy bunnies...
straw broom
dust pan + brush
lotsa cardboard
gallons of vinegar
toilet paper
paper towels

Call or email! We'll be hoppy to pick up!


Mr. Obadiah says "Thank you!" 

PS We'll keep you posted on all the bunderful news coming in!


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