Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Little Tripod that Could...update on our little amputee, Bronwen!!

Little Bronwen (aka tripod) is doing quite well here.
She has full run of my handicapped-capable bathroom 24/7.
She sleeps in her crate (or on her tarp).
She likes to explore the little nook under my sink as well.

She's a total love bug.
When you go into the bathroom, she runs to greet you and then begs to be pet.
If you sit down with her, she'll nudge her head under your leg to be loved on.
She's a VERY loud grinder.



House rabbits are 100% VEGAN + GREEN house companions.


For every baby rabbit bought from a pet store or breeder, one in a shelter dies. 

Give a bun the gift of life.  Make adoption your option.

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