Monday, July 10, 2006

let him think he's in charge...

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Sharon Andrews
Fri, Jul 7 2006 6:01 pm

FRAMING -- Bush Is Not Incompetent

They let him think he's in charge, but it's the same backroom clan that
ran the place when Reagan was in office. I can't remember which
insider/author exposed the ugly truth -- maybe O'Neil/Suskind -- that they
all jockey to be the last to talk to him on a subject because he always
goes with the last argument he hears before making a "decision."

They keep him on his meds most of the time, sometimes too much so and
it shows. Dazed look. Grossly slurred speech. Jerky movements.
Facial twitches. The author of Bush on the Couch was interviewed by Randi
Rhodes one day last week, and the guy firmed up his earlier "diagnosis"
that the man is psychotic and in other circumstances would be
institutionalized. No kidding! For all the speculation that Cheney is actually
in charge, well, Cheney is actually in charge. But even though Bush
used to acquiesce to Cheney, now he really does believe he's making the
decisions, which explains why we catch bits and pieces in the news about
a battle between their respective offices.

We all know about the documented failures of this administrations, but
my greatest worry lies in all the quiet rule changes among the various
agencies and departments. The amount of damage these amoral bastards
are causing will take decades to resolve, if ever in some cases. I
believe, and I could be wrong, that it was John Dean who stated it might
take as long as fifty years. When Republicans -- e.g., Kansas -- jump
ship,. you have to know that it's even worse than we speculate.

So framing the issues is truly critical, and all the excited talk six
to twelve months ago about framing has been forgotten by our Democratic
leaders. The latest trap was set with cut-and-run, and they obliged.
Feinstein: "It is not cut-and-run." Even in their denials, they use
the same language, and thus they reinforce the Republicans' frame.

Read Lakoff et al.'s original overview. Worth the read.

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