Friday, April 14, 2006

Brought Back to the Truth...

Sometimes, we lose focus and must be forcibly be brought back to the truth of the War in Iraq. The invasion of Iraq was an act of aggression. Iraq posed no threat to the United States, there was no humanitarian crisis afoot in the country, and no international body like the UN or NATO sanctioned the invasion. In short, Bush's Doctrine of Preemption was and remains an excuse for military aggression. The invasion of Iraq was a war crime.

Unfortunately, imcompetence and corruption do not explain away the immorality and yes, the sinfulness adherent in the invasion and destruction of a nation, its people, its property and its treasure.

Evidently discussion and plans are now underway that could conceivably lead to the most extreme example of military aggression in the history of the world: A preemptive nuclear strike.

These folks are war criminals pure and simple no matter how their supporters try to otherwise frame their actions.

Posted by Mo (thank you. thank you, wherever you are.)

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